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I know this topic has been discussed before, but no proper solution has been offered. In the USA, the 3 major carriers are Verizon, ATT, and TMobile. In 2020, Verizon is shutting down 3g (CDMA) and ATT is starting to shut their 3G down as well. TMobile appears to be retaining some of their 3G infrastructure, but will be limiting available bandwidth as well as ceasing to expand the 3G network further.

With this said, TMobile allows for unlocked phones (Pixel, Nubia Red Magic) to function with VoLTE, thus the carrier appears to be working with manufacturers. ATT and Verizon want all their new activations to be on LTE as their networks are shutting down.

This $900 phone (ROG 2) will no longer function as a phone in the USA without VoLTE very shortly. I understand WiFi calling and certain bands are difficult to obtain, but without VoLTE on any carrier, this phone simply will not work. This is extremely worrying for customers who may not realize the importance of VoLTE and find themselves unable to make calls.

I know it is a 2 way street, but there has to be a way to get VoLTE working atleast on TMobile. XDA, Reddit, and this forum have numerous individuals requesting this necessary feature. Sales are most definitely hurting because of the lack of VoLTE.

Please allow the community to continue to use the phone by getting the proper certs in place. I feel if we are willing to support your brand new $900 phone, we should in the very least get basic voice functionality.

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  • Eagerly waiting for this feature in #India too

  • I am actually very close to buying the ROG Phone II but I am waiting it out a bit to see if anything plays out (and also for a black friday sale). I am honestly afraid of investing on a $900 phone only for it to last me less than two years because it becomes incompatible with U.S. carriers.

    If Google Pixel 4 had a headphone jack then that would have been my choice but it didn't happen. Now I'm trying to see if Razer has anything good to offer this year. But if ASUS manages to enable VoLTE on T-Mobile then the ROG Phone II will be what I purchase.

  • This topic has been discussed before. A longer thread is here https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/comment/19879#Comment_19879.

    To answer your post, we are aware that this is a frequently requested feature. I can't comment on any future plans, but we hear you.

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    Thank you for the response.

    With all due respect, future plans does not make myself nor any other potential customer less worried about purchasing a $900 smart phone that may not make voice calls in the US.

    I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful, but as a future customer, I deserve a little more help. An official statement regarding this issue would be great start. This is not a feature that is wanted, rather needed for basic phone operations.

    Again, not trying to be rude, but at under $500 Nubia Red Magic 3S supports VoLTE with very similar specs. I much rather buy from ASUS, but it seems like this issue is not being resolved.

    Thank you again.


  • "This is not a feature that is wanted, rather needed for basic phone operations."

    I wholeheartedly agree. This is why I'm currently waiting for a statement. If I could just hear that ROG Phone II will have VoLTE working on T-Mobile then it's an easy purchase for me. A $900 phone to stop working the following year is a bit too much...

  • For those following, ASUS rep just called me (I have been emailing on top of commenting here) so hopefully this is actually working!


  • I just got off the phone with a supervisor who had some insight to my previous queries regarding VoLTE. His words not mine, ASUS is not currently attempting to get VoLTE functioning on this phone in the US. No future plans are being made for this. He was unable to give him specifics regarding a memorandum ASUS put out regarding concern over connectivity in the US, but stated that they (ASUS) are aware of the issue and will not be seeking further solutions.

    I did my best to express how Verizon 3G doesnt function, ATT 3G will shortly stop working, and that TMobile is only offering a brief window before their 3G shutdown. I further explained that TMobile 3G is really only good for a small percentage of the US and that the vast majority of US cities will not be able to properly utilize it for voice calling. We went further into details on how those 3 companies are the only options in the US as smaller companies just "rent and borrow" tower bandwidth.

    With all this said, it appears ASUS is aware this phone will not have voice functionality in the United States and for whatever reason, is unable or unwilling to fix it.


  • After hours of research and hours of commenting and seeing all of ASUS's lack of response or care I can full heartedly say that ASUS does NOT care about its customers, thinks that we're all idiots, and sees us as walking dollar signs... The ROG Phone 1 was abandoned the moment the ROG Phone 2 entered development (they're not even on Pie yet), the ROG Phone to is being sold IN A VIRTUALLY UNUSABLE STATE, and ASUS literally does not care, they either give cookie cutter responses or flat out say we hear you but we also already have your money and don't really care that you need this basic functionality and we aren't going to attempt to fix it or even make a statement because the customers aren't worth even that much....

    I'm genuinely hurt by how ASUS has been treating us. I was a big fan before this but honestly at this point I think I might cease any purchase and use of any and all ASUS products, perhaps that's a bit extreme but the only way I can make an impact is with my wallet.

    If ASUS fixes this maybe I'd give em a shot but can i really expect anything better than this crap that theyre already pulling in the future?

  • Not sure why you're all panicking. Seems Tmobile and AT&T can't discontinue the service until 2022..

  • Sorry to chip in in the Volte issue. I wish to buy ROG2 512gb and I am not in the U. S. I wish to know from actual users if 2g/3g (GSM) calls are working. And how is signal reception on GSM voice call vis a vis other phones with same sim?

  • Shame on ASUS. Even my Razer 2 supports VoLTE as well as wifi calling. If ASUS knows they will not work on this, they should just state this vs giving up a BS response that "we hear you". Yes, you hear us but then throw an important request in the ASUS trash can.

    We are also having issues with receiving SMS. Going to see if I can still return this phone which is sad and I definitely won't be buying anymore ASUS products going forward.

  • But they started making many areas VoLTE only which affects calls and texts...Like at my area, I miss lot of calls and text messages...

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    Its really good ive used both 3G calling here in Australia. No problems and the call quality is good

    AT&T have started shutting down 2G networks (not 3G yet) according to the latest media. Are you with AT&T or Tmobile? Sounds to me like you need to change carriers..

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    It is not only in the US but also other parts of the world and I am from Singapore and we have VoLTE a long time ago...

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