Phone gets heated up when clicking 48 MP shots through rear cam

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Even 5-10 minutes of using the camera on 48 MP which included clicking 10 photos on potrait made my device heated. Phone is updated to latest updated software received and have no restart issues other than this. I own an Indian version and got the device just 2 days back. Read a lot of mixed reviews about heating and hence unable to decide whether to go for a replacement ? Is it a software or hardware issue ? Will it get fixed in later updates or is the problem with particular unit ?


  • @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Asus lab @LP_ASUS @VS-KR Please help me decide folks...

  • Slight heating is normal. If you don't face any direct consequences (camera refuses to work due heat or it's too hot to touch) I wouldn't bother.

  • If your phone continues to face that problem, you're choosing to kill your battery faster. Sing this song. As the heat goes up, lifes goes down, all the way to town...

  • @MisterSavage I can see the Asus Official writing at some other post that since it is a metal, the heat gets transmitted and we feel it to be more warmer than normal. Even my Honor View 10 used to get hot but I never bothered because they were not having faulty units in market with different issues. I'm ok to live with that but only if this is normal. Is that same with every 6z user that clicking 10-15 pictures with 48MP makes it warm and continuing makes it more hot ? If not, I am going for the replacement. I just ran Antutu test twice, which made it again little warm. Usually phones have their normal temperature as 30 or so but I'll be surprised if someone confirms that 38-42 is normal for this phone.

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    First, you have to understand that there's no single "temperature of the phone". It has many temperature sensors inside and you can also refer to the subjective temperature of housing. Safe range may differ between locations. For instance, CPU cores can withstand about 80C without any problem but the battery is supposed to work under 50C (the smaller the better here) and camera module can heat up to 70C inside. If you want to objectively measure the temperature of your camera unit, download some app like HW Monitor and find a sensor with 'camera' in name (camera-usr). Then do some photos and report it back.

    Edit: I did 30x48 Mpix photos under 2 minutes and my readings for camera-usr sensors were about 58C. Camera housing got just a little bit hotter.

  • It gets heated while charging too when the phone is even idle and the adapter gets heated as well. Is this too normal ?

    Note - Not using any wire extensions for charging and using the original charger.

  • How hot your phone gets during charging depends on how empty your battery was when you started charging. If it was 20%, then it will fast charge for a while which brings up the heat. This will happen to any phone and it's ok since it only charges this fast for a while. If you game on your phone while charging, there's a big difference in heat if you do this with say 30% battery VS 90%.

  • @Anders_ASUS I just have one doubt. It's okay all flagships do get hot some or the other day but here this model has come to market with flaws in the units and many faulty units have been delivered. So, if its not restarting or not having any other issues, but getting heated even with 10 minutes of 48MP camera shots - Can we say this as faulty unit and a replacement will solve this ? Or is this a software issue which has to be resolved in future updates ?

  • I would just add that when you take a 48MP photo, there is a big difference with the 12MP one. The software process is very long, and sometimes the app glitches ...

    So yes, the 48MP is a hard exercise for the phone, this is why it tends to get hot fastly.

  • Even after the latest software update (17.11.2002.137) the heating problem while using the photo/video for more than 10 minutes...exist. Is it a Hardware problem / software problem.?

  • idk if its normal or not, but since i bought this phone, whenever i charge its heated up, but after battery is more than 70% is only warm.

    So whenever i charge, i take off the case, then i put the phone on cold surface such as floor, or glass table. And my charging more faster than i take on the case. sorry for my english.

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