Asus , you did it...? Need a device replacement

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As going through most of complaints regarding bootloop restart issue, I felt relaxed as mine not affected until the moment I typed this comment.

Today as expected unfortunately my device, lost network signal suddenly on a call. Then I waited for sometime to receive the signal back. But, to my surprise device restarted multiple times and stuck in a bootloop and restart again.

Hard reset and wipe out data and reset, couldn't heal anything. You can count on me as affected user ( not few but many).

No other option other than to dismantle my device by service centre.

By chance, why you guys from Asus, known about this issue which was induced by internal factor like motherboard issue, why don't you provide replacement at FOC instead of changing motherboard. Because most of times, new motherboard and existing hardware not suited and again it will create additional problems.

As the device behaving like this, I couldn't take any screen shot or serial number or version number. But it was in latest update.

Need a device replacement.


  • I'm so sorry you had to get through all this. The instructions for the phone replacement are:-

    1) Walk into an Asus authorised service centers while recording video & audio footage.

    2) Explain the nincompoops sitting there the issue that you are facing. This will be the toughest part. When you say your device "crashed", their first response would something like "oh, the phone was dropped."

    3) You'll get a jobsheet, RMA number. They'll keep the handset till a new firmware update is released. Once a new update is released, they will update the software and tell you that the phone is repaired. (Of course, It won't be repaired).

    4) Go to the service center while making video and audio footage to collect your phone. Ask them what has been done to the phone. The person tending to you will have no idea at all. Then ask them "Has the motherboard been replaced?". If it's too big of a nimcompoop (Yes, they exist), they'll say "Yes Sir". Otherwise they will just play with words and give you an excuse.

    5) Bring the phone back, Boot up the phone whilst recording video, your phone will be stuck in a bootloop for 3-4 times. It will also crash on the most minimal of processor stresses. Record all footage with proof of date and time.

    6) Keep the Device invoice, job sheet, RMA number and every other paper you received handy. File a law suit. Send the legal notice via post and email to Asus Headquarters in New Delhi.

    Voila, You will be offered an out of court settlement. God knows you could even get more than the value of the phone since all the evidence that you will collect will make this a no-win lawsuit for the company.

    I'm sorry, it's a really long and painstaking process. But believe me when I say, On this forum, Don't expect the people responsible to give statements in your best concern. You're heading this from a victim of the same situation

  • Yes I know all their dumbest process and pathetic replies. Posted here just to show everyone how Asus concern about customers.

    Moreover, persons at service centre, think themselves they are the only Demi god like persons and the customers who walk through are dumb to accept whatever they tell.

    Also, here all the moderators know this issue. But still they hesitate to release notice for device replacement. If the affected numbers are 1 or 1000, manufacturing and hardware defects should be replaced without any compromise.

    That's how Toyoto and Mitsubishi and other kingpins survive in the market.

    Dear Asus Team, it's a deep grave that you guys make for yourselves. I know hardware issues are everywhere and even I am the one post about support your device.

    But, by replying simply " Please visit service centre " doesn't do anything. Because you aware that service centre persons are clueless and technical defective.

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    The battle you face is this. On a whole, they don't believe they make faulty devices. The people complaining here? That's just background noise. There are thousands of satisfied customers with the device out there so the issues or complaints are easily dismissed. I hate to generalize, but if you understand the culture, then you can get less mad about it. If you feel that you have no faults, then you can't change because everything is 100% perfect. Even if people tell you it's not perfect, you cannot be convinced otherwise. A culture of a company only changes when the leaders decide to make changes. Until now, be realistic. You can change strategy and it might work. Know what you're dealing with. Jonney Shih said a while ago that ASUS engineers described working with Google as torture. Well, for some he is describing dealing with his company's warranty/product support.

  • @spmsenthilkumar I'm sorry to hear about your device. I know it feels like this happens to everybody when you read all the comments while being affected yourself. But like MisterSavage said, there are thousands of satisfied customers and our bosses have seen that the issue isn't on a scale where it's needed to call back every device. There's not much I can do as a forum mod.

    What I can do is to give you similar instructions as kinguntas23 but without all the steps. Basically, all you need to do is to go to the service center with all arguments prepared. 1. You have already tried a Hard reset 2. This is a know issue 3. They are supposed to know about this issue. If not, then you can ask for their manager. If that person also for some reason don't know about this issue. Then you can tell me which service center you visited and I will make sure top management gives them a warning.

    We've told our service partner to make sure that all their Service Centers know how to test these devices but there are about 200 centers and then there are several service agents in each center.

    I hope your device will get a relatively swift repair. We are aware that not all Service Centers always have the necessary spare parts at hand. This is something we're struggling with to improve, but if they do have everything needed, then it shouldn't take more than a couple of days to repair and test your device to make sure everything is working.

  • This vicious cycle of phone repair started on 19th of August for me. Finally, I received an Email from Maitrox (It's the official Asus service center contractors in India, specifying for over smart people who think everyone else is stupid) that a motherboard has been sent to my closest service center along with other parts after my device reached there last week. 2 months and now I'm starting to see some hope. @Anders_ASUS, I hope you convince the concerned people that you need to review your post sale service structure in India. How is it feasible for a person to spend 2 months getting their phone repaired?

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    It's not. I'm sorry that it took so long and we are of course looking into how to improve this with the resources we have. There's no quick fix but we will improve with time.

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