battery life is bad on my ZenFone 6 (2019)

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why my ZenFone 6 (2019) is draining battery so fast?. the standby battery time is very bad on this phone. I don't know if it hardware issue. I am on the latest EU Firmware v189.



  • Give us some details like how many hours SOT you can get, idle power use and screen from battery statistics

  • sometimes I get 4 to 5 hours SOT after full charge. standby time without using the phone is about 24 hours.

    but I don't know if this is a software bug or not.

  • I think it's good...

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    It is bad. Could you provide us a screenshot from battery statistics? Something's draining your battery too fast.

    For reference, I get 11-12h SOT after a full charge (keeping android clean, limiting processes in background) standby time for me is unmeasurable because I'm using it too much. Atleast a 5 days, let's say - overnight drainage about 2%.

  • I think the problem is with the 189 version, my phone was making 5/6 hours of sot and always very hot, since i updated to version 191 the heat problem disappeared and with Bluetooth always on connect to my fossil gen 5, 4g and wifi on I have done 10 hours of sot in two days of usage. On a single day I normally do 5/6h and I still have 50 % left

  • @Noix

    Nope. I'm still running .189

  • You have good battery on .189, in my case the battery was awful.

  • i hope battery life problem will be fixed in upcoming software updates.,

  • it will be better to check which app is draining battery

  • I think mobile network standby is what is consuming a lot of power.

  • Then maybe some app is generating too much network traffic.

  • So I have no problem with battery, lasts 2 days and at the end is still about 15 percent, still connected to the Internet, running 7 applications, some email, 10 calls per day - so far satisfaction.

  • After 191 and after removing retract camera button I am also getting good battery life. Normally I get to 60 percent from 6 am to 2 pm. Now it is at 80 percent. So it has improved well. Thanks

    Go to settings and disable retract camera and it should improve.

  • But mobile standby still consumes more than it should. It is very close to usage time.

    See screen shot.

  • Thanks for the tip. Although battery life is better than any other phone I've used as reviews mention it's not as good as it sounds be (imo). Hopefully this will help

  • I m also facing the battery drainage problem. In the night I am charged the battery at 100% at 1a.m. but after 4 to 5 hours the battery percentage will drop to 90% without any use (it means the mobile is in standby mode).

  • Some say that the latest firmware made their battery time worse and some say it made it way better. The truths is probably that the firmware has nothing to do with your battery life. The only change we have made lately which we know consumes some power, is the camera retract when knocking on it feature. This is something you can turn off and check if it improves your battery life.

    The more probabel explanation is what apps you have installed, how you're using your phone and so on. To compare each others SOT doesn't say much. You don't know how they are using their phone and some times people are not fully aware of how much they have used their own phone as we tend to forget how many times we looked at social media and so on.

    If you want to compare your battery life with each other, then you need to test the same way. You could use the PCMark Work 2.0 battery life test or something else but you need to test the same way. You also need to agree on if you should compare at 0, 50 or 100% brightness.

  • Hi guys im from France also bought ZenFone 6 limited edition and After 4 hours using phone i have only 26% ... No App using battery detected

  • Hello from France

    It is not normal I use my z6 30 edition a lot and I have a very good battery process.

    The battery is awesome.

    Your situation is not normal.

    Can you control virus or all you have because it is really not normal.

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