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Double tap error + black screen while calling

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ZF Model: ZC520KL
Firmware/APP Version: Newest
Frequency of Occurrence: Since last update
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Since last update, I cannot double tap to wake up my phone, while double tap to turn off is still ok. Also, screen is black and cannot be waken up while making phone call. Please help

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Last edited by Emilee_ASUS on 2019/7/9 16:57 Hello bomnhi7442, Good day. May I check with you the firmware has updated to WW-15.2016.1905.515? (settings > system > about phone > software information> build number) (1.) Could you please turn off and on the ZenMotion again for a check? (2.) Could you wake up the screen by power key when you encounter this problem? Does this problem appear if you turn off the " proximity sensor"? (Click the phone app> 3 dots menu > settings> call screen >turn off the option of "Turn on proximity sensor" ) Please help me run the SMMI test to verify if the hardware can function normally. For instructions please refer to the link below: Thank you. 🙂

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Yes, it is .515 (1) not work (2) i cannot turn it on unless the call ends.  Still appear even if i turn off proximity sensor SMMI test said that proximity is okay.