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Things need to be improve in next update for Max Pro M1

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:ZB601KL
Firmware Version: 087
Rooted or not: Not
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
Dear Asus,
As u know that in this Pandemic Time, study is going online everywhere. I m a student and I use one of your product Max Pro M1. My request is to fix things in your next update whatever it is of A10 or A9. Its a humble request from a student because only I know that how much problem I m facing due to the listed problems.
1. I use Airtel (volte is enabled) and before 2-3 updates, phone was catching Airtel network properly but now it has problem of Network Blinking. Almost 15-20 times daily network blinks and completely gone away. After putting on Airplane Mode, it become ok. This thing is severe. Please fix this, due to this, many times I miss my live lectures. My second sim Jio does not have this problem, it is only in Airtel Volte.
2. Sometimes it have hotspot problem. The hotspot does not turn On. After restarting phone.. everything becomes ok. Fix it.
3. Bluetooth of the system lags. I mean to say.. sometimes it does not catch other devices and sometimes it does not turn On or Off frequently.
4. System Ui lags sometimes and response slowly. I have increased Animation,Windows and Transition rate to 0.5 but it automatically changes sometimes which again needs to be change.
5. In Beta Program of A9 you gave us a feature of Detect Face to Show Notifications on the Lock Screen that was a important feature and kindly give us back in A10 or whatever your next update.
6. As in other phones, please give us a feature for Swipe down to show notifications and notification panel.
7. Camera of the phone needs to be improve, when a picture of any Complete Written Page is clicked, from sides, it does not show clear image. SS below -:
You can see, from center everything is clear but from corners, it is blur. Do something for this also.
8. The stock gesture of three navigation buttons is ok but in 2 baar gesture, the stock launcher got crashes many times and the phone hangs due to which. I have tried to clear cache and data of System Ui and Quickstep launcher but it happens everytime using that. This also needs to be fix.
9. Like the others launchers please provide us Time needle rotation in Clock Icon. Please change its sound for keyboard, literally it is worst. And also change Screen Unlock sound. Locking sound is good but unlocking sound is🥴change it and it has also became too old and boring now.
10. Sometimes Cast Screen feature does not work. Other devices cast properly on my PC but from Max Pro M1 sometimes it casts and sometimes it does not work.
11. Please do something for its brightness. Although there is no problem but in using in dark, it seem very light which affect eyes, so do something for it.
12. We are not demanding for native video calling but please provide Call Recording feature. It is seriously very important. Other Stock Rom using phones have this feature so please provide this for us also.
13. Please improve the Ram Management of the device. Seriously we can't run 2 apps at a time. On doing ZOOM meetings if we open YouTube then the Zoom automatically closes. And this is not for Zoom and YouTube, many times we have to face problems due to it. Kindly fix this also.
14. Improve sound volume. It is too low seriously.
15. Sometimes the phone vibrates randomly without any notification after 087 update. Fix this also.
16. Wifi range of the phone is low. Fix it if it is a software defect.
17. If you can give then please give a feature to change font style. Got bored from this font🥴
18. And the last one, whole session of Android 9 comes to end and soon we will get Android 10 but there is no feature in Android 9 that we can see and block the person who is connected to our Hotspot. Give this in next update please. We can see that how many no. of hotspot are connected but we cannot restrict any one of them from connecting and we cannot track how much data is used by hotspot. Fix this and give hotspot data usage feature also.
Well, for now.. this is the list of the bugs or defect whatever these are.. fix them for smooth experience.
And one thing is that I dont want any of your customer care to speak between this - - Problems cant be fix this is of google bla.... bla....
I want that the Asus Team read this and fix all of them in their next update.
Please do it sir/mam because all this are important feature missing from our device and needs alot. Hope you understand. It will not take much time to give above features that I wanted and said to change, it will only be fix in some hrs or maximum a day or two. Please fix all these🤗
Thank You


There is no way asus gonna fix it😂

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I can't help but laugh, looking at these demands 😂

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I completely agree there is a serious network problem related bug. Network disappears evry now and then. Need to put phone to flight to regain the network. Also i facing slow mobile data speed compare to last firmware. 84.. Asus pls fix it. 🙏🏼

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Can't stop laughing by reading this post 🤣🤣

Do you think Asus cares? I'm not gonna buy any Asus phone in future. They have worst software. Even though hardware is good their devices are shit due to shitty software. And selfie camera is worst in market.

I'm also facing Airtel bad network issue. I hope they'll release a fixed firmware