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some Pie problems and question about reverting to Oreo

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ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-16.2017.1905.053
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
APP Name: n/a

Last edited by zrx8 on 2019/6/5 21:38 Here are some of my findings with Pie, mostly usability related: The "connected devices" settings submenu structure is somewhat botched:
  • The "pair new device" appears twice, in the upmost level of the "connected devices" menu as well as in the bluetooth submenu
  • The bluetooth switch is buried pointlessly deep in the menu hierarchy
  • The temporary bluetooth visibility of the device cannot be explicitely turned on, this is annoying and ambiguous as the user doesn't know when the device is temporaly visible (and has no control over it ?)
  • The "available devices" doesn't display the earlier paired ones, this is frustrating until the user discovers them in the "previously connected devices" list
The "battery" settings submenu structure became also inconvenient:
  • There is no point, why the big battery symbol is not clickable anymore. The "battery usage" graph can only be opened through the ... menu, which is one more unnecessary click. Totally inconvenient.
  • The "more than 2 days remaining" near the big battery symbol is uninformative, and is inconsistent with the remaining time displayed under the graph
  • The arrangement of the menu entries in the "battery" menu seems to be ad-hoc, all the time-related entries (remaining time, last full charge, screen usage) should come first, grouped thematically next to each other
The auto-brightness feature, which worked perfectly in Oreo, is practically unusable in Pie: after one week of usage it still keeps setting the brightness to 11%, so I simply turned it off. One less usable feature. There is no point of using such a small font in the notification area (clock, battery percentage), when otherwise the area itself takes a relatively wide stripe of valuable display area, in which the appearing texts are unproportionally small. It has nothing to do with the selected system font size. Now it seems to me, there was no point to upgrade to Pie. There are virtually no useful new features, but some of the old ones became botched. OK, I am aware, this is the very first release, and I am not saying this is Asus's fault, all these weaknesses may come from Google with the main Pie branch, but still I am worried about the future: Oreo used to have a good chance to become polished and mature, as the model (Max Pro M1) was a new release in the Oreo-era. Pie will perhaps never reach this state of ripeness, as the model will be an outgoing one during the Pie-era, and we all know, that every manufacturer is more focused on supporting new models than the outgoing ones. That's why I kindly ask the following: Is there a way to revert to the latest Oreo ? - just in case Thanks, Peter

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Last edited by zrx8 on 2019/6/18 11:31 Hello, Any updates concerning this post ? There is a new observation: the wifi became less stable with Pie, than it was under Oreo: it frequently disconnects, and doesn't reconnect until I open the wifi settings (but then instantaneously). It behaves similarly when the 'aggressive WiFi to mobile handover' developer setting was turned on on Oreo. This setting is missing in Pie, I suspect it is now permanently turned on :( Thanks

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And I get problem with connection, after get FOTA Update and updated it, the connection being more slower and and worse. And this upgrade system feel like downgrade system. Not being better but being worse. I kind of regret update my phone to Pie  😞 😞 😞

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Yes there is a method to downgrade without unlock bootloader 🙂

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Hi zrx8, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your suggestions on the settings design. You may share your ideas in the Idea For Next section, the ideas there will be highly considered in our phone design. :) The auto-brightness feature --> We could not find this same situation on our ZB602KL version Android Pie. Could you show us a short video of the problem? To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. There is no point of using such a small font in the notification area (clock, battery percentage) --> This has been reported to the relevant teams for them to evaluate. If there is any news we will notify you immediately. Is there a way to revert to the latest Oreo ? --> We're afraid we are unable to provide downgrade methods. Thank you 🙂