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(Max Pro M1) Charging Problem Arises From Above 80%

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
Firmware Version: 084
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Rarely
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Settings.apk, BatterySOH_v.
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
This 084 build update so problematic Update of this Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1... That i can't able to explain... But i will giving some reviews of this 084 build update...
The problem of this update is
-> No system stability
-> Battery Life Crashes
-> Charging Problem and Charging Speed Problem (Specially after charges from above 80%)
When, Today nearly about 4.30 AM I was plugged in for charging my phone, and that time my phone's battery percentage is 1%... And plugged for charging from 1% to 80% the charging time was fine and also showing Charging Rapidly... It was nearly about time 6.30 AM to 6.40 AM... But from 80% the Charging Speed is from 400mA to 600mA... And from my Observations as follows and noticed that...
From Charging 1% to 80% Using 10W Normal Charger (Asus Charger And Datacable Changed) it takes ----> 2hr. 10min (4.31 AM to 6.40 AM) Showing 'Charging Rapidly"... With Proper Speed of 1500mA - 1600mA Speed And Voltage is 3.9V to 4.1V. And Temperature Is Decent (34°C For Both Device And Charger)...
From Charging 80% to 93% (Can't Able to charge upto 100% Due to some certain reasons) Using 10W Normal Charger (Asus Charger And Datacable Changed) it takes ----> 1hr. 8min (6.40 AM to 7. 50 AM) Not Showing 'Charging Rapidly"... With Abnormal Speed of 400mA - 600mA Speed And Voltage is 4.1V to 4.4V. And With same Temperature that Above mentioned...
This derives that...
From 1% to 80%, Charging fine... But from 80% to 95% is having charging problem... So, please ASUS fix this Problem because this can be harasses the Battery Life Of Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 And A 10W Charger
Please And Improve System Stability Of this device
Thank You
1. This above mentioned screenshot tells that full Charging time, Charging Speed of that current time... (Same as Applying on 80% to 95%)
2. The Battery Wear shows how the less no. Of cycles performed on Charging and Charging Status of this device... Please analyse carefully...
3. As you can see that on above screenshot, there is a large box created on top of screenshot... (Battery level) that given time to reach that percentage... But Charging time was varying from estimated time showing on lockscreen (i.e in this app, showing to reach 100% time would be taken 15 min. But in system lockscreen showing 20 min. How can i believe that who is telling true either system timing or this app timing)
4. This was very out of creativity... But once i charged my device to 100%... I was shocked i saw that the it shows 100% Charging the estimated capacity showing 4,500 mAh... How is this possible is this 5,000 mAh Battery na... Please Review once...

That's All hope you will test it and you will fix this problems mentioned... And we get, next proper stability update very soon... With These fixes.

Thank You
Tarun Dalai

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@Victor0_ASUS Please See this post

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Thanks for the detailed info.
For battery charge cycles and battery life over time degrade. Kindly go through this.
Can you tell me the total time taken from 0 - 100% with ASUS supplied charger? Irrespective of the middle how much what % it charges slowly or rapidly.

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The Total chage time taken from 0% to 100% (After sometimes i switch on the device), in 084 Build The Charging time taken is 3hrs. 30 min to 3hrs. 50min... As Compared with 082 Build, The Charging time (As mentioned above condition) it takes 2hrs. 30min to 2hrs. 45min
And ,
The Total time taken from 0% to 100% (Without any interruption, and in switch off condition), The Charging time taken is 3hrs. 50min to 4hrs. 00min... As Compared with 082 Build, The Charging time (As mentioned above condition) it takes 3hrs. 10min to 3hrs. 15min...
both the versions (082 and 084), i was charged from Asus Charger and 3rd party 10w chager... both are same results.
This 084 build, It destroys my charging timing life, because of lack of system stability...
Please fix this problem ASAP....
And also, Charging speed was also came with a problem with this 084 build, this Problem Starts from 80% to 95%, while i place on Charging condition... I sawed from Accubattery app, i sawed that from 80 to 95% of charging condition, the voltage in high rate but Charging Speed is worst (from 400mA to 660mA)...