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Idle battery drainage

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Frequency of Occurrence: daily
Firmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-16.2017.1910.059-20190920
ZF Model: ZB601KL
APP Name:
Rooted: No

Last edited by worpt on 2019/12/20 07:09 Hey, the issue is that battery of my phone drains very fast even when I don't use it. Sometimes in the morning I found it switched off. This is happening since these new updates came.

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Hi there, we'd request you to follow the below steps may improve battery backup: 1. Enable “Power saver” (Settings >Power management) 2. Close apps that are not used (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.) 3. Adjust sleep time and brightness (Settings > Display) 4. Boost memory when you see memory consumes is high with no app running, 5. check for background running applications, stop/disable unwanted apps, you can manage apps from auto-start manager.

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Last edited by kk9999gada on 2020/2/8 10:46 I'm also facong very high idle battery drainage after 060 update. I even formatted the phone. Now, I am planning to downgrade to 059 update. I also complained to Asus regarding this and received call 3 times. But, every time they said to perform troubleshooting steps or either visit service center. They tell the same story again and again.  When the first pie update was released, there was battery drain. I guess the problem was "poll wakelock". The support guys said to try troubleshooting steps and if not solved then visit service center for diagnosis. Then the problem was solved in next update. Then in follow up updates there were issues like Fingerprint battery drain, Gesture battery drain, low headphone jack volume, Auto rotate Screen Flickering etc. The reply was same for all these problems and got solved through updates. These problems were also there in Oreo but got solved through updates. I'm not sure about fingerprint battery drain got solved or not because I don't use it now. Now, you see the pattern. They are like, update your phone > face problems > perform troubleshooting or visit service center for diagnosis. I mean we don't have any any work except performing troubleshooting and visiting service center. I hope Asus releases final Pie update to fix battery drain before releasing stable Android 10 update. Edit: One funny thing, when I actually visited service center for low headphones jack volume output issue. They said to use Asus branded earphones. Does it even make any sense.