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idle battery usage increase "other" after the last update

Star I

I just did the new update on my ZenFone 9 (16/256). I had problems with "other" using up like 40% battery while doing nothing before (February 23). Back in march I fixed it for me after an update and turning off the weather widget (because it used gps data every minute or so). Without GPS and Bluetooth "other" went to 0% or something around least not noticeable. Now with the new update "other" is back draining my battery like crazy. No gps or bluetooth involved. I changed nothing else to be precice. I restarted a few times but I can't fix it anymore. Was thinking about factory reset but it's so annoying with all my apps that need to be registered again (some even by sending codes via an envelope to my adress for extra it might as well be a different device then)

I bought the phone because it lasted long and has a great size but with it dying on me now all the time, without actually doing someting... I am very frustrated. Especially since it just started after the update.


Star II

I'm on 0804.2060.165 and have never seen any 'Other' category show up in my battery usage. I'm always checking it and I often go 2 days without ever charging. Typically 5-6 hour Screen on time which is usually at the top of the list for me, unless I'm out taking photos, which makes Camera the heaviest user of battery. Are you sure you don't have a rogue app?

(0804.2060.165 here) I am pretty sure no app I installed is responsible. Said app wouldn't show up as 'other' anyways I guess. I once used a status LED app that was always on. But it drained the battery and showed up way up in the list. Therfore I removed it months ago. It's just like you said. Before I did the update camera or screen in general would eat up the battery if I use them a lot or a game for example.  I easily got two days out of the phone and if I left it at night in the morning there were only missing a few %. Now it's 10-20% over night... not quiete  sure why the value is changing that much. tldr in idle I had basically no battery drain before. 

I removed most things from auto start yesterday and checked twice if I changed anything else....but no.  It changed with the update. It just burns the energy now while doing nothing. 

I am going to remove the current weather widget now in case it has the same bug as the factory one back in march. Maybe coincidentally an update of said widget overlaped with the firmware update but I don't think so (because it does not use my gps data anyways). As I recall Asus never told the community what 'other' is. Since usually apps show up seperately it might be some stuff to the system that bug out. You can look for it here in the forum. Happened on factory new phones without any apps. So sad because I love the phone. If it keeps doing that I am done with it after just half a year. In terms of power it could most likely last 5 years or more but I don't want to worry about battery all the time.  I only slow charge it with 80% limit and had no problems with it.  I am not a power user so sot is not as important as idle drain. That was the reason I swapped from my beloved Mi Mix 3 in the first place. The battery was trash... but atleast it did not drain it without doing anything.

Just to name a few:

Hey @Sibbi,
Could you please share a screenshot of your phone's battery usage?