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Wireless network disconnects automatically

ZF Model: ZB601KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: . 338Frequency of Occurrence: More than once a dayRooted: NoAPP Name: Last edited by costa049 on 2019/1/14 14:10 I bought an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 some weeks ago. The only problem I have is that any ...

Cpu overheat when charging

ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-15.2016.1812.179-20181227Frequency of Occurrence: 4gRooted: NoAPP Name: After the update the temperature of my m2 while charging is in 44 to 48 Celsius. Is this normal?

Video streaming

ZF Model: ZB602KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: .338Frequency of Occurrence: EverytimeRooted: NoAPP Name: When I use any non-native cam app like Twitch or YouTube to stream video, camera is always very dark, even on day time. At evening/night it's comp...

G sensor testimoni failed

ZF Model: RAM: Firmware/APP Version: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: APP Name: Screenshot: Asus, please fix the g sensor test. It doesn't work after update and this problem cause my compass not working also


Mi chiedo, se è possibile configurare automaticamente, una registrazione di un nuovo Zenfone, fatta di numero seriale con IMEI. Praticamente, automaticamente my Asus, mi registra il seriale SN con il numero IMEI1 SN:355... È IL TERZO ZENFONE, MAI VI...

Camera stock brightness

ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: 179-20181227Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: CameraMy stock camera brightness is too high when launched like it goes to Max brightness. Does anyone faces it too? Also pictures are very d...

Brighteness stock camera

Screenshot: APP Name: Rooted: Frequency of Occurrence: Firmware/APP Version: RAM: ZF Model: My stock camera brightness is too high when launched like it goes to Max brightness. Does anyone faces it too? How to lower the brightness??


ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: OPM1.WW_Phone-15.2016.1812.179-20181227Frequency of Occurrence: -Rooted: NoAPP Name: After the december update...the phone preferred network type cannot be change to LTE ONLY using the phone (*#*#4636#*#*...

Tidak dapat update

Saya baru beli asus Zenfone max pro M1 3/32 , tidak ada notif update di sering.. security patch masih bulan April 2018