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Asus Zenfone max pro M2 update WW-17.2018.2004.424 (Bugs/fixed bugs)

Rising Star II
The bugs i found in last 12 hours.
The sound from the phone speaker is very bad. It decreased a lot. I cant hear my ringtone in the incoming call. and while watching YouTube i have to keep my volume at 100% to listen properly. And if I keep the volume at 70 or 60 % I cant hear anything properly the volume is too low. But the clarity increased. And the sound via headphone (wired/wireless) seems of for me and I personally think it was better than the previous beta update (409). The sound via earpiece is also OK(will prefer a little bit louder)
The Rounded corner in the bottom of the screen are gone.
There is a popup message in the Settings which says to customize your ZB630KL. Which you cannot remove.
Bugs got fixed
The UI is buttery smooth
The is no App crash issue
Battery backup is amazing
Gcam works perfectly( Version 7.0.009). The same version used to have saving and crash issue.
Low volume voice recording in whats app and in Discord call got fixed


Star II
After the installation of anroid 10 beta in my phone, sound quality is completely fucked up. There is no bass when i use earphone and its sounds like playing at 100% volume at 10/20%. Please fix this. BUGsus😤😤