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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo>Free MB replacement

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My Zenphone Max Pro 2 stopped working yesterday after I installed a Fota Update that came on my device and since then I have not been able to use my phone. I contacted customer care and they told me I have to visit a service center and when I visited they told me they have to check the OS and it will take a day. I gave the phone to them and collected the job sheet and they asked me to pay 250rs saying that is diagnostic charges I paid that and went back home. I called them the next day and they told me the OS is not getting read and the motherboard has to be replaced. As the phone was not under warranty they told me I have to pay some 10k for the motherboard if I have to get it repaired. I told them several times that is a mistake from your end that such a thing happened and this is so wrong asking a customer to pay for it. I told them to give the phone back to me. I contacted Zenphone Customer care again and told them clearly what happened to me and they told me I am eligible for a one-time free MB replacement and I went to the service center with the mail from Asus. The way the people there reacted then was so bad, they started treating me as if I am a beggar. It will take them almost 14 days to get my issue resolved. They told me they take 7 days to get a motherboard landed and some more for it to be fixed and solved. So if you are someone who wants the phone badly, better to go do this in a third party place because this will take forever. The only thing I will say to all Asus users from now on is not to update the phone ever, don't even try thinking of it too. Better to use it the way it was if you don't want issues. The service centers will try their best to make you buy the new motherboard and that's so cheap. They won't ever tell this alternative. This is how the mail will receive from the customer care after they realize your issue is genuine. Go with such a mail to the service center and get your issue solved by just 500rs rather than paying a cartload of money just for a motherboard. Thank you.