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After Update Bug! on ZB631KL!

ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: OPM1.WW_Phone-15.2016.1812.179-20181227
Frequency of Occurrence: 1.8
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by Moomskie on 2019/1/10 22:39 BUG After System Update!! 1.NO AM/PM 2.Camera Error 3.Battery & Time Font Not Inline/straight as you can see big and small. 4.When Charging No More RED/Green/blinking Light on top middle.

ASUS team, After January update , touch respons is better then December update. But there is still a issue with touch . Some time touch work very smoothly but some time I need to hit two or three time to type any thing. Asus team you fix a touch problem 90% but you need to work more on this to fix this 100%. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Moomskie posted on 2019/1/11 12:40 3.its not original its not like that after System Update the 1st pic on top with camera is not mine ...
Hi Moomskie 3.I've passed your case over to our service team. They will be in contact as soon as they have more information on your request, thank you 4.Please check in display>advanced>blink light, thank you

Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/1/11 17:02 Hi Moomskie 3.I've passed your case over to our service team.
thank you for that 4 has been solve 1 and 3 the only problem now

Last edited by Moomskie on 2019/1/12 20:44 Bug 5.nevermind finally find the rotation sorry

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Last edited by Kevin27 on 2019/1/13 06:20
Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/1/11 10:45 Hi Kevin27 Sorry, we're afraid we may need information on your problem.
My problem is just like Moomskie's problem except Number 2 because I haven't tried that out yet and Number 4 because mine is working fine. All problems that needs to be fixed: 1. Bluetooth and Do not disturb icon is still showing at the upper right side of the screen next to the battery percentage even if they are turned off. The only way to remove it is restarting the phone which is I don't want to do everytime. 2. Time is also not showing AM/PM. 3. Battery, battery percentage and time is not properly aligned and bottom part is covered by the main display.