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0.67 Update bug "fixes" that needs to be fixed ASAP

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ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: 0.67
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by evankyleperez on 2019/7/24 17:55 So a few weeks into the 0.67 update,I've been noticing these problems that are disrupting my overall experience: -Battery drain is still evident ever since the Pie update came for this device,in the 0.67 update im getting battery percentage drops when I place my phone in my pocket or even if its idle on a flat surface.Lets just say about 3-4% idle drops,maybe even more. Please fix this ASAP,Im not feeling the 5000mAh-ness of the device anymore ever since. -People are calling out the pseudo landscape notch being true and evident for some as they moved to the 0.67 update,I didnt experience this kind of bug yet as I have updated but I do believe ASUS has used the older source code of the update which already happened to the Google Pixel devices a year ago,hopefully this will be fixed for sake of everyone. -Headphone audio has been fixed I can say but its still not as close as the out of the box experience we had with Android Oreo when we first used this device. I can point out the lack in bass,I stand corrected but I feel like the bass really needs to be fixed. -Last but not the least would be the optimization of Android Pie in this device,the reports on the forums about delayed touch,delayed fingerprint detection speeds and the overall system battery backup (not to mention the lack of Adaptive Battery feature) All of this seriously needs to be fixed in 1-2 more future updates. No wonder they really suspended the strength of this device's advertisement here in the Asia region,idk with other regions. Its like they already have foreseen or knew that the software support of this device is going to leave a bad footprint to their company. All we ask for is a finally stable pie update please. (I've been with Asus since their Zenfone 2 and I can truly say that as a loyal user/consumer I am utmost disappointed to what they have become with their reckless software support tream)

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I kept on laughing yesterday because as soon as I finished reverting back to "WW-16.2017.1905.065" which cause me a lot of time, the FOTA notification kicked in all of a sudden with the latest "WW-16.2017.1906.067":L Since its official and the FOTA icon on the top left corner won't go away, I went along with it. I tried eliminating the battery issue by disabling the Digital Wellbeing and turning OFF the "Automatically sync data" option under the "Accounts". The result was -2% battery within 5 hours idle. "Wifi" and "Mobile Data" is OFF. Its too early to celebrate and will do more test. Will provide some screenshots later.

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Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/7/26 15:09 Hi evankyleperez -Can you provide some information and screenshots regarding the battery drain issu ...
Alright Selena but I think Fordlynx here would be helping out with me here prior to that request of yours since I don't really charge my phone end to end due to how conservative I am when it comes to battery health in relation to how I charge my phone. The good stop using at 30% and charge only up until 80% threshold method I cant say enough about the need of system optimization and battery consumption fix updates just like like how you guys did it back then on Oreo.