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Plan for updating the Zenfone Live series?

Star I
Hi, I want to know if the L1 and L2 devices are still in their life cycle support, because it's been 2 months since their last security patch and almost 6 months since the one and only released of Android 10 beta for these two. Has the company already abandoned these 2 devices? Is there any chance that they'll receive an official Android 10 update? If so, when, and what could I, as a user can do to help to solve those existed problems on the Android 10 beta version ( supposed it's still being developed). As I see, these problems are pretty much the same on different ASUS devices ( low wi-fi connectivity, no bass when using headphone, etc,..). Should I record the log of these bugs ( and send to whom?), or they've already been addressed, as the beta version was released for almost half a year, a pretty long time. I know the L1 and L2 are just low-end devices with a small community of users, but still, we deserve to get what we were promised as consumers. Whatever the case is, I expect to receive a thorough answer, not some blanket statements like "we've acknowledged your concerns and submitted to the suitable party" or "we still haven't received any official announcement on your subject, but we'll notify you as soon as one came out", etc, etc. Thanks and best regards


Star III
Waiting a stable update to android 10 beta version here but when you talk about the beta no one answers, I'm thinking in install a custom rom because this beta is really bugged and work really bad