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Zenfone 9 - Why I was going to buy and opted not to - input for ASUS

Star I
For the designers/architects:
1- Beautiful design (except the huge back lenses). Nailed it. Perfect shape and form. I love how the trend of "super thin" phones didn't bother you, because i actually like to hold something that doesn't feel like a sheet of paper on my hand. It makes it easier to use it. Feels better on the hand.
2- Battery life. With that you were able to put a bigger battery. I also liked how you added battery saving customization for all those who care. Thank you. The only thing that I would have improved would be idle power consumption, but that's it.
3- General performance of the phone. It's a huge thing to put into just one point, but from the reviews I read this was my general impression. Nothing really negative stuck out, so overall, perfect job there.
1- Photos. I read a few posts here and there, and some photo comparisons and the super sharpness, contrast, plus blurry pictures of moving objects is a serious turnoff. Even though I'm not a particularly serious photograph, that was really a put off from buying this phone, because even if I just want to take some pictures of my pets or friends having fun it'll probabbly come out weak. This was the main reason, along with no.2 I'm not getting this one and waiting for a hopeful better Z10, a fix to this issue on Z9, or a phone from some other brand.
2- Huge back lenses, without a performance to back up such extravagant design. Looks are subjective, but I'm not sure most people would call that pretty.
3- Notch. Not sure why phone manufacturers keep insisting on having such a ugly thing just to have 2-4 mm more partial screen. Look at the latest sony xperias to see a better way. Then you could also bring the notification led back ;), or do something else there like the nothing phone, but on that area.
This post is mostly meant to be positive, I don't mean to be discouraging, on the contrary, because i've been waiting for a phone that ticks all the boxes for a while now, and this one is the one that came the closest. Asus has been improving in quality last few years (your latest G series laptops are amazing for example), so you're doing something right and I applaud you for that.