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Zenfone 9 randomly loses mobile internet on T-Mobile USA

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Hi everyone,
I'm experiencing a weird bug. My phone is completely losing the mobile connection from time to time. I will restart my phone and the mobile internet will come back for about 5 minutes before losing connection and I can't get mobile internet again until I restart my phone. That's super troublesome and inconvenient. I've verified the settings are correct also. I really like this phone but won't keep it if it's incompatible with the T-Mobile network. Is there a fix anyone is aware of?

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Soooo, quick update.
Went to my carrier and exposed the situation. It results that the APN was not/not properly setted up.
You should check you APN settings:
Settings>Wifi and Connectivity>Internet>Sim (1-2)>Scroll down>Acces Point Name>Hit the plus icon (+) top right and add your carrier APN info.
If you don't want to go to a carrier office, check with a familly member or friend who has the same carrier as you.

Hope this helps. It was my solution.

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I am currently on the 32.2030.2030.26 and am using Tmobile Internet in Singapore and Malaysia and works fine in both instances.
This is my regulatory labels. I am guessing based on the discussion that even though it works overseas, it might not work in the USA because of the bands?

I will be there at of this year and will find out(maybe the hard way).

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