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Zenfone 9 camera

Star I

I love everything about this phone, except the camera. In anything other than decent light it's just average, even with using Gcam.

Do we think this is going to improve at all? I was spoilt coming from the Pixel 6 and not sure I can live with the camera performance on the Zenfone.


Rising Star II

I find it pretty good, tbh. My other phone is a Pixel 5 and I've had many Pixels before. I think the sharpening it excessive on the Z9, but other than that the camera is quite good. It will never be Pixel-grade good, by which I mean primarily extremely consistent (because Pixel cams have their own flaws) - no other smartphone camera is. 

So my advice is, if you won't take anything less than a Pixel, switch back to a Pixel. 

Not applicable

Many users including me don't like the pictures from this camera but Asus has ignored the complaints. The Zenfone 9 has been my first Asus phone but I'm not sure if I will buy another Asus phone if they don't upgrades the quality of the pictures.

I agree! I'm also using the GCam for now as the stock app is not good (blurriness/oversharpening). Hope they improve the camera quality with some software updates.

Star I

First non-Pixel phone for me in many years. I like many things about ZF9 - but camera sucks! Please fix.