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Zenfone 9 Camera Lack of Focus on FW 33.0804.2060.113

Rising Star I

Hi Everyone...

I'm using zenfone 9 with FW 33.0804.2060.113 and non rooted version.

Is anyone have the same issues like me about terrible camera focus on main and ultrawide sensor in Zenfone 9 camera FW 33.0804.2060.113? 

Also the quality of sharpness and detail is really poor. The picture quality not good as 2018 phone that i use before, Pixel 3XL.

Is there any tips and tricks to handle this focus issue?

 Thanks in advice


99999999999% agree. I have no issues with video at all, i really love the video produce by Zen9. The problem only at the final picture results, bad sharpness and details.

I also wonder why Zen9 no score rating on dxomark 🤣

The photos you posted are in focus. Of course some objects are blurred - that's a function of the distance between camera lens and the object on which you focused. So when you focus on the flower from a relatively short distance, the objects in the back are blurred. (And yes, I've never seen such a blown out sky on a ZF9 pic; if your auto HDR was on and you focused anywhere but on the darkest corner, then it's weird.)

Here is a set of comparison pictures I took this morning of the Pixel 7 and ZF9. I think the Zenfone does quite well, though not as good as the P7. 

Hey, thank you for the comparison, really appreciate.

Yea, i still hope asus fix the over brightness and less sharpness on zf9 via fw upgrade. But who knows? since asus only cover a 2 times fw update 😮💨🤣

That's the problem, 2 years only of software updates and we got almost 1 year already.

Yaaa.. is like waiting for ZF9 get banish from line up, abandoned and forget it, then Asus move on to the next one, ZF10 🤣🤣🤣

The last 1 year FW update It's like waiting your last breath holding to die. LLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLL 🤣

Since i posted this talk, there's no responses from Asus to fix or give me a solution at least give me an explanation about new FW, cam, improvement and etc. (Even i can read it from software update) 

Then i think this is just another forum formality that Asus never read too and wasting your energy to complaint LOL 🤣🤣🤣