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Zenfone 9 call speaker issue

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Hi, I have an issue with the speaker option when I'm on a call. If I press the speaker option all the sound goes and I can't hear anything. I tested it with my friends phone and they can hear me fine but I can't hear anything. I assume this is a software bug. Please fix this.
The speakers work fine otherwise and this issue only happens if the speaker option is selected during a call. Nothing restores the sound again except hanging up and calling again.


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SOLUTION. Or temp solution

Just restart the device.

Scroll the notifications down, all the way so it covers the entire screen. Then click the power button, 4 icons should show up. Click the one that says restart. Or if you'd like to do it manually, click power off instead, and power it back on with the power button.

For me this has seemed to resolve the issue, haven't seen it recurring yet, most likely just a bug, but yeah.

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I can confirm that this temporarily fixes the issue. Unsure how long but my issue has surfaced several time the last couple of weeks

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So, almost June. Lots of people having the speaker issue. No fix by Asus or am i wrong?

Restarting helped me, but i dont want to restart my phone all the time for beeing able to use the speaker. This phone isnt a cheap one, so ASUS, could you please fix this, i guess you allready have enough enough logs and if you would check several produced phones, I bet you, there will be one with this problem!

Yeah i am really disappointed with the lack of progress from Asus