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Zenfone 9 android 13 bugs

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Using zenfone 9 to 2 months. The list of bugs after the update keeps growing.
1 - I had to disable the always-on screen, because it keeps turning on and off all the time. Even with the device on a stationary table. So whenever new messages come in I have to pick up the phone to see what it is about.

2 - I can't turn off the notification sounds through the quick menu, I have to go into the settings and lower the volume, just putting it on vibrate turns off all sounds, including the songs playing on spotify.

3 - Speaker mode on call, I can't hear who is talking. Need to call again and already activate the speaker to be able to hear who speaks.

4 - Some apps do not work as they should. Nike Run for example, even after being closed it continued to work in my pocket for 4 days, whenever I walked and stopped it vibrated, until I opened the app again and finished an exercise I had done. The app has been closed for days.

5 - I did some resets on the device to correct normal operation several times. I don't see this as normal on such a new device.

I've never had similar problems on other android devices. I used google pixel 4a and I still have it as a spare device, and not even on the zflip 3 that I replace with the zenfone 9.

The list of bugs is longer, but I don't remember the rest now. The device itself is great, 16gb of ram and 256gb of memory, very good screen and long battery life. I have nothing to complain about the hardware, only the software needs improvement. However, there are complaints that interfere with my use and I have to adapt to be able to use it. For that alone, he already lost points with me.




Hey @louren180,

Are you still experiencing these issues?

Hi all,

I discovered on my Zenfone9 Android 13 the following:

Speed of Data connection is very slow on all APPs. if I close the app and start again dataconnection speed is normal. More or less at every 2nd try it works as is should. But with the first startup of an app mobile data speed is very slow. If I open a Hotspot and connect the laptop, Laptop has normal dataconnecion (5G) over my Zenfone9. But at the same time all the local apps on do phone doesn't have the same speed.

- I already changes SIM slot. same same.

- reset network settings. same same.

- tried different systemmodi. same same.

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Hello Mansi
Yes, I still have the problems described and some new ones. In the meantime, a system update came out, but it didn't solve anything.

I have similar issues. The phone just keeps on doing what it wants when in my pocket. Phoning people is just the easy bit, it changes settings, turns on talkback, it used to completely destroy my homepage until I started to lock this. I have never known a phone that does not turn itself off when you power lock and put in a pocket. Does anyone know of a way to stop this