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Zenfone 9 - 25% drain from "others"

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So i love my zenfone 9 so far. But ive had a bit of mixed results when it comes to the phones battery life. The first few days was amazing, FW was 34.2050.2050.32 and i could easily get 6h of SOT even if i set max charging to 90%. Then Android 13 came around the corner and i happened to get the update a week or two later. Updated it and it ran pretty good with nice new features, but battery life got worse. Could barely get 4h SOT. Decided that a downgrade to 32.2050.2050.34 with a clean wipe would be best option. So i did exactly that. Except, it didnt really help much. Still could barely get 4h SOT. 

I was looking around a bit on Google but didnt find much that helped me, so my latest attempt was to just upgrade to android 13 once again, and it somehow worked, even without doing a complete wipe. I was finally able to get that 6h+ of SOT. Except it got nerfed like a day after. What i have noticed about this issue though is that it only happens when im driving around in my car or anywhere else than home. I suspected the issue was just 4G and the bluetooth draining the battery. But checking the battery usage shows that 4G only used around 4.5% and bluetooth barely used 0.5%. So those two cant be the issue.

Scrolling all the way down however reveals that ~25% of the battery has been drained by "others". Cant check the specific apps under that category so im kinda lost.

I saw another similare post but older that also had the same issue, however the thread was closed. So im posting my own in hopes of fixing this issue. Ill see if i can get a log of tomorrows battery consumption.



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Thanks for this. I can confirm that Bluetooth does drain the battery pretty hard. I was hardly getting 4h of SOT and was kinda disappointed since everyone keeps praising the battery if Zenfone 9. Since i turned off bluetooth, the battery just keeps going and going.  I have my answer watch connected via Bluetooth all the time, but that should drain the battery so much.

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If anyone bumps on this post, and have the same issue, they should try turningoff  the "spotify connect in background"  option. I have had my battery durability improved a lot since turning this off.

Thanks i will try it, can you tell me this option is in system or i need to look for it in app settings? 

It's in the Spotify app settings. Nothing to do with the Android system.

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