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Zenfone 8/9 not charging properly from 100w PD charger

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  1. Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 9
  2. Latest at the time of the post.
  3. Not rooted
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  5. Not app related.

As stated in the title: using Baseus 100w charger I can not get Zenfones to charge even at 10w speed, it seems to constantly jump between 5w and 0 according to my USB tester. 65w chargers work fine.

In the graph you can see it charging with a 65w charger and then switching to the 100w one (the sharp drop in charging speed).


That does not make sense though as phone and charger are able to negotiate the charging speed, as they both support PD and PPS.

ASUS are just using a broken/flawed negotiation algorithm that doesn't seem to know that 100w chargers exist, a 65w and 45w chargers work fine.

I agree, it should. I had a zenbook 11th gen ($2000AUD) laptop I returned because when I used a HP USB C Displaylink 100W dock it fried the system board, I got the system board replaced and it did it again. Asus doesn't seem to allow high watt charges with their devices. 

As I said, it works fine with 45w and 65w chargers, just 100w ones are broken. 

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Yup, and I don't see them fixing it. It's by design, from Asus. 

But you said yourself that a 100w powerbank charges it fine 😉

Idk why you're protecting ASUS, they are clearly in the wrong here by breaking PD and PPS standards. If they didn't want to allow 100w charging, they could've just disabled both algorithms when a 100w charger is detected and charged at 10w, per USB standard. Instead it gets stuck in a constant negotiating loop which leads to painfully show charging, if not discharging.

@Mansi_ASUS please forward this issue to the devs