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Zenfone 10 rumors

Star I

There are rumors/leaks saying Zenfone 10 will have a 6.3-inch display. 

Can anyone from Asus confirm or deny this?

I really hope this is not true.


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I am ok with 6.1" screen size anything bigger than 6.1" is a no for me but will see what happen. 

Rising Star II

I am disappointed - but I think it makes sense as a strategy for Asus. There is little performance difference between SD 8+1 and SD8.2, and in such a small package as the ZF8/ZF9 Asus cannot probably make significant changes (battery will be roughly the same, cameras roughly the same maybe with an added telephoto, wireless charging - and that's it). So no point making the ZF10 a compact successor.

Plus, for the first time last year Asus did not have a large phone companion to the ZF9 (except for the specialized ROG). This would not be a bad idea, in fact: alternate compact and large(r) phones with flagship CPUs every year. The current cycle is too short anyway.

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It's all good with me as long the screen size is not bigger than 6.1" otherwise they're other options in 6.3" screen size category and with only 2 year of Android Updates why I should go to the Zenfone 10 when Samsung and Google offer better updates support. Asus can't forget that the reason people buy the Zenfone 9 is for its unique size and the headphone jack.

Rising Star I

They have confirmed 5.9" display on their launch event site via the "Compact on Hand" video it seems!