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This is downright insulting to consumers

Star III

It's October. Let's say I can sort of understand the limited support for OS updates (or at least I used to, before Google announced 7 years of updates for Pixel, and Samsung doing at least 4 for a while now)

But not providing Security updates either? In such a long time span? Nevermind the bugs and issues that are still present on my Zenfone 9, I just don't understand what the software team is getting paid for. They don't even deliver the most essential updates.

I urge moderators or development to reply to this thread and let us know when are the updates planned for release.


Rising Star I

yeah its a huge disappointment with how slow and useless the updates are for this phone.. Bought it for 800 USD last december, so almost a year ago. And so far ive only gotten 3, MAYBE 4 updates. Worst thing is that most of the bugs i have still isnt fixed.

The previous .165 update was taken down due to some bootloader issues. The .165 was seriously released then got taken down, and 3 months later its still not available. Did they just remove it and then stopped working on software?

I would never recommend an asus phone to anyone they dont fix this s**t soon.

And they also removed Bootloader unlocker. They do not offer official updates and they do not even allow any unofficial updates.

Rising Star I

we hope so

Star III

What bugs are you experiencing? The only bug that I have is the proximity sensor not working as it should when you're on the phone you need to lock the screen or your face touches areas of the screen. I've had to download a 3rd party app to mitigate this issue called "Call Proximity Sensor Fix"