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Status bar big tiles

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Please, please, please, follow Samsung's example and put small round tiles for dropdown menu, so we can have all we need, not to have scroll trough 3 screens of them,
Samsung gives 12 buttons when i open the bar, you give only 8 . Too few. Coming from S21 and this is not acceptable , and the team who make this for Android 12 should be fired.

Hey @vex_sb,
Thanks for the feedback. We will forward it to the R&D team.

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Since we're giving notification shade suggestions, I would love a toggle for Automatic Brightness Adjustment quickly accessible.

My use case:
I usually keep my brightness quite low. If I need extra, I turn off the auto adjustment, crank it up to what I need it for those 5 minutes.
When I'm done, I don't want to try and find the brightness sweet spot again, it would be great to have a One-Tap solution to turn back on Automatic Brightness Adjustment and have it revert to the usual settings.

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