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New update

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I just updated my zenohone 9 today and could not recieve calla. All the people calling say my ohone is off and then i recieve a sma saying that someone tried to contact me. 


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I've had this same issue for a couple of months now. My wife, has the Asus zenfone 9 128gb/8gb ram, no issues. My 256gb/16gb ram zenfone 9, call issues galore. Many people calling me, it simply sends them to voicemail. For some it just doesn't connect, and of course, I don't see anything on my side. Tried all software resets, sim change, no luck. Opened a ticket with Asus Taiwan as it could be hardware issue, but their warranty coverage and customer support is so spotty, that it's taking forever. 

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This started happening to mine as well around 2 weeks ago, but I can't be sure since I don't really get that much calls, I just noticed it 2 weeks ago. I can't make/receive calls but texts and mobile data works fine. I also have full signal. Tried using my sim on another working phone and calls work fine, just not on my Zenfone 9. 

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