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Video Format H.264 And H.265

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Hello, I would like to ask you about the video formats I've been using lately.

I found some bugs or whatever you call it, when I use the H.265 video format the video is very good on my phone, but when I send it to my other phone I see the video is very crap and laggy, also I've tried sending it to my laptop it still looks very crap, and when I try to upload it on my instagram story it still makes no difference, but for H.264 it's smooth even if I send it to another phone or my laptop, does anyone feel the same way with my phone or just my phone?



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Have you tried if there is a difference also when uploading it to social networks like instagram?


Hey @Hahandik,
Can you please share a video recording of the issue along with the model of your other phone?

Also, can you please confirm your FW version?

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I just tried it and don't have this issue. Maybe reset your camera settings or clear cache/data...

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Community Manager
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