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Zenfone 9 restart bluetooth 1 time per minute

Star I

Are you going to fix it or not. Your Bluetooth in your model Zenfone 9 is UNUSABLE!!! It disconnects and reconnects headphones every minute when no audio playing. It is impossible to pair old car because it takes more than minute. What olaf programmed this idiotic restart?



104 32%


Software information

Baseband version M2.13.33.38-DaVinci_000370

Kernel version

5.10.136-android12-9-00003-g73f898ec1d54-ab9766113 #1 Fri Mar 17 13:23:34 UTC 2023

Extension ROM


Build number

TKQ1.220807.001.33.0804.2060.142 release-keys


Rising Star II

Olaf? ☃️

I have a ZF9 since August 2022 and I connect it to the car and Nothing Ear(1) and I have never had this problem. 

I have had other problems that I have talked about here, but ALWAYS my first option has been to talk directly with the official technical support of my country. And they have solved my doubts or problems. And then I came here to complete the help and help the rest of the users.

Regarding your case, you talk about an old car, the bluetooth device is old too? Have you checked that the technical characteristics are compatible between both? 

Enter the hidden menu for developers and change some hidden options of Android and bluetooth.

And talk to the technical service, that's why we pay for the service when we buy the phone. 

From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.204
(I apologize for my Bing English...)

Yes, olaf. If you cannot help, I mean specifically to the stated problem, that you already and solved, please don't write. And if you think development doesn't read forums, you wrong.

Adding to the topic, some devices work good, but f.ex. some pretty new Sony gear doesn't. I guess this is about low energy profile.

No, this is not hardware issue. This is exactly stupid software design to cannonshoot some problem. Again, if you don't have same issue or if you not responsible for the solution please don't write!

Firmware update didn't help.

Your system is up-to-date 33.0804.2060.165 Last check for update:08/13/2023 18:02


Dear Olaf,

1. You are not in a position to tell me whether I can write or not.

2.I write what I want. 

3. In my answer I have put some things you can do, but it is your problem if you have not read it. 

4. Of course I know that the forums are read by Asus colleagues. Believe me, I know this very well.

5. My first advice is to go to the official technical service of your country. 

6. The Asus moderator has answered you:

But you're smarter than anyone else and insist it's a software problem. Stop being angry with the world. 

From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.204
(I apologize for my Bing English...)


Hey @ddddddddd,
This sounds like a HW issue. I'd recommend you contact your nearest Asus service center and get your device examined.