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Off/On Sim Cards + Sound Profile Changes After a Restart!

Star III

No idea if it's a bug or there's a setting for it; but every time I restart my phone, the second sim card which I have disabled is automatically enabled!

The same happens to my sound profile: if I set it to silent and restart the phone, it's back to sound on profile! So embarrassing if it's at nights....



Hey @AlirezaNasibi,

This is actually an AOSP behavior, so if you reboot your phone the disabled SIM will always become active. 
As for the changing sound profile, that's weird. Have you enabled the 'Do not Disturb' settings? Also, can you share your FW version?

The sound profile automatic change was fixed after I reset the phone to get rid of the themes that couldn't be removed.

For 2nd sim card automatic enabling after restart, it seems weird to me as none of my previous phones (iphone, Samsung, Sony...) had such an issue.

The firmware version is WW_33.804.2060.142

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Community Manager
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