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Low voice quality after 5 minutes of call

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Hello there,

I'm having issues with my Zenfone 9, not rooted, build number WW_33.0804.2060.100, Android 13.

I'm constantly receiving complaints about my voice quality during the call. It usually happens after a certain time period from the beginning of the call, like 5 minutes. People say that my voice has echo and I sound like a robot. If I end the call and start over it's fixed, but in a couple minutes it's worse again. I didn't have such problem with the same SIM (Vodafone Czechia) on other device, making a call from the same place (city center with very strong signal in general), so I think that my Zenfone 9 has a bug. I found similar complaints but no recommendation, I really don't plan using an external microphone or something with the device for 700 Euro.

Asus, please fix this.


I've had this happen too. this persisted into 2060.113 also. I've found that toggling speakerphone on/off will sometimes fix it temporarily.

Is there any progress on this bug/issue? It also happened to me a couple of times since the last update


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This is simply AWFUL, ASUS should fix this as a maximum priority. Getting constant complaints, that my voice is robotic, unable to hear me etc. 

- Tried a different Phone app, but it doesn't fix it
- Tried both SIM with both different services - STILL BAD
- Tried to disable 5G - STILL BAD
- Tried to enable/disable VOLTE - STILL BAD

ASUS FIX this as soon as possible because this phone's CORE function DOESN'T WORK!!!!
Not to mention, that this issue has been a long-time known one, and still no fix has been applied. I am starting to think this is a HW issue, which is shameful!

PS: latest FW version: 33.0804.2060.113

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Update related to this issue:

SIM ONE SLOT (Tmobile) can use 4G/5G so I assume that can cause an overall better voice quality.

SIM 2 slot uses a different carrier (Vodafone). I think this SIM slot management has a software issue/bug. 

  1. If I select ALLOW 4G/5G network only - the signal instantly drops to ZERO and nothing I can do
  2. If I select ALLOW 4G only - NO signal too...
  3. If I select ALLOW 2G/3G/4G/5G - the signal comes back and stays in 4G+ (WTF?)
    1. How can I connect to 4G only when I allow 2G/3G? 

The thing is I try to force to stay at 4G at least so at least I can test if this causes the poor voice quality. 

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