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Issues with the Zenfone 9? Or do you absolutely love it?

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I'm considering getting a Zenfone 9 as a replacement to my just over 1 year old Pixel 5a 5G. I really don't want another phone, but my Pixel experienced the "black screen of death"

I'm now over Pixel phones after something similar happened to my OG Pixel. The Zenfone 9 has been the only android that's come out that I've actually liked. Great size, fast finger print reader, good battery life, good cameras. I've read the reviews and have seen many positives, but I know a YouTube review only tests so much and doesn't live with the phone for months going through the troubles that come later down the line with phones.

So my question is - how do you like you Zenfone 9? What specific or unique issues have you had with it?


@inbarr wrote:

or countless times the phone was calling to my emergency numbers when in the pocket.

I have not enountered the call or sensors problem you mention. I had the pocket calling issue - but in my case and that of many users on this and other forums it's completely solved by switching from unlocking the phone by touching the sensor to pressing it. 

first thing I've done.

there is a "pocket mode" that is using the proximity sensors (I think) to prevent it. anyway it didn't help. the only thing that helped was to turn the phone in the pocket so the screen will face out, not towards the body. It reduces the amount of screen touches.