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Circular spots in screen glass

Star II


I bought my phone early this year and recently noticed some spots appearing on the device's screen. I tried to clean them as I thought those might be some smudge stuck there but it seems they are within the screen. Likely some delamination of one of the layers, at this point these are pretty noticeable and really disturbing when I use the phone generally in sunlight. Sometimes indoors as well, depending on the lighting.

Is this covered by the warranty?

Overall I already have mixed feeling about the phone due to the fact that it can unlock when I put it in my pocket despite the fact that I try to not touch the on/off button and have pocket mode active, and this have been noted on multiple threads already, which could (or more likely should) be addressed in a software update.

But this is an unacceptable level of quality issue after just half a year of use...




Hey @mmarci,
I'm not sure whether it's covered by warranty. However, I'd suggest you contact your closest Asus repair center and get your device examined.

No repair centre for phones in Hungary where I live, at least according to the official asus website. I don't want to pull the trigger on shipping while being uncertain that this will be covered by warranty or not.

@Mansi_ASUS , further inspecting the issue, seems like the oleophobic coating went missing in those spots. Can you advice if it's covered by warranty? I'm really not looking forward to lose my phone for 2-4 weeks without replacement, especially if they will return it untouched.

I think that physical damage generally is not covered by warranty. They could very well invoke "user fault" or "usage wear and tear" and deny your claim... But that's just my opinion, you should check what's covered or not.