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Inability to record video without audio!

Star III

I reported it few months earlier about inability to mute mic during video recording yet Asus hasn't fixed it. At least previously we could block microphone access when recording video, but now that's not being allowed! So there's no way to record a video without audio, how is it acceptable????????


Rising Star II

You can always edit in post later. This is easy to do by editing and mute the sound then save



Why should I have to go through that hassle? Also, editing can reduce video quality.

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I totally agree with this, there should be an option to record video without audio. The camera offers different option for audio mods, which is certainly appreciated, but it's missing exactly the most obvious one, the mute button.

@mickey10021 considering the maximum space of this device is 256 and there is, for some reason, no sdcard slot, filming with audio, and editing the video to mute it, not only it will lower the quality, but will also require additional space to save the new edited video. I really wonder how the team misses some user cases, like this one.
@Mansi_ASUS , @Aureliannn_ASUS , @keren_ASUS or any other mods, any inputs on this?

Thank you


Hey @Ace2099,
I do believe it's a useful feature and a request for the same has been submitted to the R&D.
I'll get back to you with some more information.