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Last photo isn't shown through stock Asus camera app at start if it's taken using other camera app

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When I enter gallery from the stock Asus camera app by tapping the circular photo preview at the bottom left side of screen, last photo taken isn't shown at the beginning if it was taken with another camera app, such as GCam. Only the last photo taken with Asus stock camera app is shown.

This means if I took 100 photos using GCam after taking 1 using Asus camera app, then doing above will ignore all these 100 photos and show that Asus one, how weird! 

It's annoying that Asus is forcing people to take photos using their camera app is above way. Your camera app produces poorly processed images. Even if it was good, I have never experienced any other OEM acting this strange way.


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It does show from gcams too

its just that it starts showing the last pic taken from asus cam



Yes I knew that, I changed the original post, but it's still a bug which needs to be fixed! 

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