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How to Turn Off Automatic System Update

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Zenfone 9 user.

Because of some annoying bugs in Android 13, i decided downgrade to Android 12.

But system always keep automatically downloading the Android 13, which this is more annoying. So what's the point ASUS give the downgrade firmware, but later forcing update again to Android 13?

Please let me know if there is solution to turn off automatic download update, since the option grey out.

Note: This is System Update problem, NOT App Update problem, so please don't suggest to turn off automatic updates in Play Store.




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Sorry sir, my option are greyed out, you can see from the screenshot that i share.

So NO option to turn off

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I hope that I have solution for you...

First - Go to airplane mode/disable all mobile/internet data.. Then go to 'developer options' Turn ON' Automatic updates... Next step you must go to System -> System Update and turn it off like in the pictures someone posted here. The you back to 'developer mode' and disable automatic updates 😉 If you still get grey.. connect to your home Wi-Fi but unplug WAN from router before you do anything another way you get new update 😉

hope it works 😉

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