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Hotspot problem

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Hi, having an issue with my zenfone9 and it's hotspot. I've tried connecting a few different devices to my hotspot. The devices can connect no problem but they are not receiving an internet connection even though I've my mobile data on. Just did a full reset on my phone and still won't work


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As a final update, I wanted to say that I ended up unlocking my Pixel 6 and moved my SIM card there, and the hotspot works great on 5G/4G. I've sent the Zenfone 9 back to the vendor. Very disappointed!

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@radiobends1869 Thanks for the comprehensive post and replying follow-ups it's saved me a bit more frustrating searching, like you I'm disappointed with such a flagship phone having such poor support, gonna try and get some social traction on this, or maybe the ACCC in Australia regards consumer law, delivery of product features, but the frustration just overwhelming!

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