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Honest reports on Zenfone 9?

Star I

I'm sure there's many other people lurking this subreddit. As a prospective buyer, I'm feeling really cautious about this as I am only seeing nothing but problems. Are these majority talking-points just a loud minority?

I'm in a bit of Android purgatory. I just want to see if this phone is worth it's flagship price, especially as customers are eyeing down black Friday. I appreciate you all in the community. Super eager to see some more of the smooth steadi-cam videos but that 'mega thread' seems to have lost a lot of steam.


Zen Master I

Well, you're not going to find a perfect phone, ever.

Zenfone 9 is what I want after a OnePlus 9 pro. In a forum like this most users enter to receive help for some problem and that is why this is not a good place to receive positive feedback. They forget that we have an official technical service that we have paid for and come here because they think they get help faster.

I'm delighted with the many virtues of Zenfone 9 and embrace the flaws.


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If you come to a support forum, all you'll see is problem posts, regardless of what phone it actually is. The truth is, the vast majority of users of most phones (including the Zenfone 9) have zero issues, and when you have no issues, you don't make posts about it. 

Rising Star II

I am one of those with close to zero issues. Had the same good experience with the Zenfone 8 - another phone plagued by problems if you just listened to the forums. I wholeheartedly recommend it, more so than the Zenfone 8 or, indeed, any other phone of comparable size & price & features. 

Hi @landsome!

Since you have user experience with Asus mobile, have you always received updates every month? Since I have the Zenfone 9, I've been able to update it every month. I think this is a good thing on the part of the brand and extends the life of the product.

I hope someone at Asus  decides to hide the navigation bar, like other brands do. For me it is very annoying and depending on Google to listen our suggestions, is not a Good thing.

I have complained to official technical support, in this forum and I have received the support of several users and some administrator, but I have not had luck ...