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High refresh rate (90hz, 120hz) not working Unless while charging

Star I

Model Name: ASUS_AI2202

Firmware Version: 33.0804.2060.204 (current)

33.0804.2060.189 (problem started around 2 weeks ago, but not from new firmware update)

Rooted or not: not

While I am on battery, when in Dynamic and High Performance System Modes, my refresh rate will not go above 60hz, despite being able to change the refresh rate to Auto, 90hz and 120hz in settings. However, I can change the refresh rate to above 60hz (Auto, 90hz, 120hz) only during charging. 

I have checked refresh rate with the Display Refresh Rate in Developer Options.


Thanks in advance!



Hey @KiwiFruit,

If you set the FPS to Auto, it will be 60FPS in most scenarios. If you manually set it to a higher FPS, it will stick to that FPS.

90hz and 120hz won't work after setting it to those settings, unless i am currently charging my device. Do you think I should backup and restart the device?