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Google apps auto reinstalled

Star II

ZF9, unrooted, latest firmware:

I uninstalled these Google apps: Drive, Photos, Meet and TV, but randomly the system reinstalls all 4 again without my permission. Do you know how to stop that? Thanks!

Note: the apps mentioned came already installed with Android 13 on ZF9


You're very lucky! I still have four apps installed on A14 .75. The video screenshot I posted here was made in A14. 

There are some apps that I had to remove with the adb method because I couldn't uninstall them.


You can go to the home screen option to disable "Add app icons to home screen" so they won't pop up when they have been reinstalled. Ah, this reinstall thing is so annoying. 



I know that option, the problem is that these apps install when you change the sim settings.