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Update policy is bad

Star III


When is this phone going to receive a new update? We reported a bug about the impossibility of rebooting the phone with "asus optimized" mode and there is no fix.

Some users have reported a bug about bad behaviour with apps when connected to wifi with no response.

Security path is from October 5.

Auto brightness is commonly corrupted in my phone not changing, letting the screen to minimum brightness as reported by some users. I have to reboot the phone to fix it (for that i have to change to android stock mode, incredible).

I reported double tap to wake screen produces random vibrations when the phone is in the pocket sharing a log. The temporal solution was to disable it until it be fixed but it has never been fixed after several months. So i can not use it as expected.

I am disappointed with the experience received by Asus support.

The brand sell this phone as a top terminal and later the experience is that you can not reboot your phone because asus is not able to react for fixing the bug and that i can not normally use for example google translate or other apps connected to WiFi because there is a bad behaviour, i have to disconnect and connect again. Really frustrating!! 

Having this experience i can not recommend asus because the brand do not respond.

If asus ask for so much money in their phones the experience should be better.

Let's see what expect us with the next version of android. I am frustrated...