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Fingerprint Reader Issues ZF9

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Bought a Zenfone 9 and have had it for about a month now. Recently started having issues with the fingerprint reader. No recent software updates so I'm unsure if it's software or hardware at fault here.

First of all, the issue is extremely intermittent, most of the time it works like a charm but every so often it gets stuck in a bad state for 10 minutes or so. The issue itself is twofold, it struggles to recognize my fingerprint but also struggles to recognize a finger at all when this happens. It often won't even tell me that it didnt recognize the finger since it refuses to even try scanning (and doesn't print any message about a dirty sensor) when I put my finger on the reader as if it doesnt think there's a finger there to scan. When it does finally scan though it almost always fails to recognize it in this state. This happens probably at least once every day but is completely random to my knowledge since I haven't noticed a pattern in it's occurrence yet.


I'm running build number WW_33.0804.2060.73 and am unrooted.


I am really disappointed cause aside from this I am loving this phone.


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Saw someone else's post that listed a different build number so I checked for updates and found WW_33.0804.2060.88. I just installed it and will reply if I still see the issue on this version as well.


Although the fingerprint scanner does seem to be faster in general on this version, the issue still persists.


Hey @Roboctopus,

Can you please provide the following information:

  1. When did you first notice the issue? Was it while using the Fingerprint to unlock the phone while the lock screen was suspended or resumed?
  2. What type of screen off-unlock mode have you set under Fingerprint?
    Press only / Press or touch (Settings > Security & Lock screen > Fingerprint > Screen off unlock)
  3. Whenever the problem occurs, is your phone able to detect the fingerprint? You can test this by going to Settings > Security & Lock screen > Fingerprint. Touch the Fingerprint sensor to check if the device recognizes your fingerprint.
  4. When the problem occurs, do you feel a vibration? The phone will vibrate when Fingerprint recognition fails.
  5. Have you enabled Face recognition to unlock the phone? When the issue occurs, are you able to use face recognition mode?
  6. When the problem occurs, do you happen to notice the Bouncer page text? (The bouncer page will lock the biometrics recognition so to unlock the phone you'll have to swipe up on the Lock screen and enter the Pattern/PIN/Password.

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Community Manager
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