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Poor to 802.11k/v management

Star III

I have a mult-AP setup (tplink Omada) at home, which works flawlessly. For everything but my zenfone. For some reason, when moving about at home, instead of handing off gracefully, instead I lose signal for 5-10s, then go on data, then another 5-10s, then wifi picks up again. No other devices, even my old phone I detested so much do this. I don't have the opportunity to test this with other multi-AP networks, but I can confidently say my network is otherwise functional, and doesn't exhibit these issues with other devices. This is a multiple times a day issue 


Zenfone 9 ofc, latest build (dec 2022), rooted



Hi @tarfeef101 

We're so sorry to hear about the issues you're facing with your Zenfone 9. Can you please reach out to the technical service center for further troubleshooting? You can contact them here:,Contact%20Us,-ASUS%20offers%20many

Additionally, I would reach out to the Tp-Link tech support since they can give you additional guidance with your settings:

Thank you! 



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Community Manager
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