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[FEATURE] - Zenfone 9 brightness bar on notification menu - Part 2

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Model Name: Zenfone 9

Firmware Version: WW_33.0804.2060.88

Rooted or not: Not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: 100% of the time

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): ZenUI




It really seems that this issue has been totally ignored( or maybe it has been implemented but I'm not seing it? ), and the brightness bar its still glued up in the a** to the top of the screen:


@Mansi_ASUS you said this was forwarded to R&D team, what exactly is their conclusion on this? Did they ever thought that this could help people with certain hand disabilities, as UI should be always easier and quicker to access, and not the opposite?


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yeah . in my DM he dont answer my trouble again . maybe im sell my phone next week! im comfused thanks asus team. @Mansi_ASUS 

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It's a shame that everything is a simple "I'll send it to the development team". There is someone who makes the decision to ignore the improvement and does nothing. Or they don't give explanations.

I still do not understand that in this brand the navigation bar cannot be hidden, in other brands the navigation bar can be hidden... But Asus marketers were talking about using the phone with one hand.

Brightness bar & hide navigation bar VS head development Asus! 

What do you mean to hide the navigation bar? I suppose you mean to switch to swipe gesture navigation? If so, you can do that.

Hide the navigation bar as you could on OnePlus. This phone is sold as a compact phone and for one-handed use, but it turns out that there is a space used by the navigation bar that can be better used by the applications you use. Whoever uses the navigation bar knows how to use the phone using gestures and does not need to see a lower border with a white stripe in the middle. Even Android 11 could be hidden, but Google has decided to remove this feature.

And Google has already been asked to return the option, and they have accepted it, but we are going for Android 13 and it still cannot be hidden. There are some manufacturers that have strived to keep this option, such as OnePlus and you can hide the navigation bar on Android 13.

Asus does very well modifying very little Android, but something has touched it, such as the sidebar. You can do the same by enabling the option to hide the navigation bar.

It is a very requested option and administrators of this forum agree to have this option, but that's as far as we have come...

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Also in a closed forum for Android 13 beta...