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During an active call, if I go to a different screen/app, going back to active call is difficult

Star III

When I am in an active call, then, during the call, navigate away from the call screen and into a different app, going back to the active call is difficult.

If I click on the "Phone" icon, it takes me back to the Phone app, but sometimes it takes me to the dialer screen, and sometimes to the active call; it is not a reliable way to get back to the active call.

If I try to pull down from the top to click on the active call, the proximity sensor activates, and the screen blanks.  If I am VERY quick, sometimes the sensor doesn't activate and I can click on the active call; but most of the time, it activates and I can't return to the active call.

Anyone else having this problem?



Hey @tbessie,
Could you please share a screen recording of the issue?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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