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Debugging VoLTE over T-Mobile on *US* Zenfone 9

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Hi all! Let me start by saying this is an absolutely fantastic phone BUT this lack of VoLTE is a major regression from my Galaxy S10E. I do see some threads about this here but nothing specific or particularly helpful.
Model: ASUS_AI2202
Regulatory labels: USA, Europe, Japan
Build number: WW_32.2040.2040.23
T-Mobile is a major carrier here in the US and I can see this phone has the appropriate baseband for US carriers. The main symptom is that my mobile data connection drops every time a call comes in and every time I make a call. This has the added wonkiness of sometimes dropping incoming and outgoing calls altogether. I am pretty tech savvy so I can pull up ADB and do any kind of prying you need to assist.

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Fixed it. Did some really painful A/B testing of system packages. Ended up that I needed to "Clear storage" and "Force stop" the org.codeaurora.ims package. Confirmed that if this package is down then VoLTE gets disabled entirely.

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as yet volte does not work on zenfone 8 in poland. so you'll have to wait

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