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Cannot download firmware 33.0804.2060.165

Star II


Since I have unlocked my phone I don't get OTA updates and I download them manually. For some strange reason firmware files are no longer available for download through Asus support page. I would like to get 33.0804.2060.165 firmware but it's not available, even previosu versions are gone. Only source code is present.



Zen Master I

It is very strange that version .165 has not been published on the web. We only have the announcement of availability in this forum. And of course those of us who have this update. 

This update only provided the July security update and arrived in mid August. It was already outdated. 

All these problems I think are related to the security breach that have made remove the possibility of opening the bootloader. 

The moderator told us that in September they will allow it again. 

Rising Star I


This is because Asus has canceled the development of ZenFone phones and will only develop the ROG Phone.  It is said to be a restructuring of the entire Asus.  Too bad they canceled this great line.  I am very happy with the ZenFone 9 and before that the ZenFone 5.

Star II

Thanks for info. Czech link doesn't work anymore.

So it looks like we won't get any support in the future? Or just no new Zenfone, what I understood from tw link.