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Camera Screen Flickering Strips [FPS 60+]

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Hello 😉

/Zenfone9/Android 13/No Rooted/AllTime/Stock Camera App/

I get Zenfone 9 two weeks ago - tested some features and everything was okay, but yesterday I spotted weird thing with camera and it's annoying cuz I cannot record any videos at 60+ frames.

When I record video in eny resolution with 30FPS it's okay, but when I change for 60FPS or I go for slovmotion video mode (120/240) when i recording and when playing recorded video I see annoying screen flickering, strips in video - it's look like this:

I want to ask - did you have same prolem as mine? How can i fix this?

Greetings 😉

it is very uncomfortble to see a video flickering like this...asus zenfone max zC5510 is not at all good.worst camera.

No, it's not normal. I've used other phones and they didn't flicker in the same place.

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Does it get better if you go to "Camera Settings" (found directly in the camera app) -> "Anti-flicker" and try the different options (50Hz / 60Hz / Auto) ?

Anti flick is for video only, and no, it doesn't help at all. And on photos it does the same already from the viewfinder. It's extremely pronounced. 😕

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The flickering is only visible at a certain shutter speed. Go take one of the old phones and check what shutter speed is used when there is no flickering visible. Then take your Zenfone, go into Pro Video mode and set the same shutter speed and the flickering will not be visible on your Zenfone either.

Your phones have different sensors with different base ISO sensitivity, different lenses with different aperture, it's just a coincidence in your case that your Zenfone shutter speed is fast enough to capture the flickering of your lightbulb. Change the shutter speed and it will disappear. It's simple physics and it doesn't really have anything to do with the phone itself.

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Thank you guys for answers, now I'm peacefull. I tested outside and you have right bro, but faunny is that my work friend have A52S ... phone 3 more times cheapper than Zenfone 9 and she don't have this problem in slowmotion or 60fps+... What a shame when you pay lot of money and you get something is worse in some case in comparision to 3 times cheaper phone... **bleep** ;x