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Camera faulty - dont buy this phone

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Hi, just want to reinforce to everyone who is thinking about buying this phone to not do so, especially if you live in places with limited (almost inexistent) customer service like the UK.

A phone has a camera problem (cant focus anything, so permanently blurred) that keeps coming back even after coming from repairing. To send to repair, you need to wait 3 weeks and reset phone to fac settings.
Been trying to get a refund, no chance... Dont think they could refund everyone that had this problem.

You are welcome!


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Do not waste your time. Whenever I have made a post to complain about this phone, a Fanboy who defends the brand appears. the reason? All new phones have problems when they are released (Even after a year they continue to maintain the same justification)


It is simply the worst after sales service I have seen in a reputable company .

Google Pixel is incredibly superior in that respect 

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I don't know where you bought your phones, but in my country Asus has great service, while for Pixel phones you have to send them for service abroad. It's a good idea to check that a company has reliable warranty service in your country when you buy its phones. Or just accept the risk.

@Aligosla - nobody denies your phone has issues, just your claim that because you have issues and other people on forums have issues all or most units have issues.

My suggestion to both of you: keep focusing on fixing your problems / phones, or just sell them; stop telling everybody this is a bad phone. This is what annoys fanboys like me - hateboys like you.  


I am afraid to say that i also had many phones before, mainly apple, and never had this problems with a phone.

The asus zen 9 ruined my last vacations, i could not take a single photo in Petra. Imagine.

So after spending 900 euros, i would never recommend this phone to anybody.

Now it seems i will lose my phone for 3 weeks meanwhile they repair...unbelievable.

A serioud brand would give money back inmeadiatly, or another phone from the range, with no issues.

I invite you to review this forum, and read the posts made by OTHER USERS, so you can see that there are many who have problems.